COVID-19 Response


Phase 1 Re-opening

May 26, 2020

 Stelkia Homeowners Corporation 

Update – COVID19 

As we mentioned in a notice sent out earlier in May, we will be taking a cautious approach to how we move forward with opening the facilities in our community. We have to consider the community as a whole as well as our staff, the safety of everyone is always at the forefront of our decisions as we try to navigate through these challenging times. 

Our first phase in reopening will be removing the tape from the benches and picnic areas. We will also open the playgrounds, noting that these areas can not be guaranteed to be virus free and we recommend that people take their own precautions and use their own proper hygiene products that can keep their children/family safe when using the playground. This also applies to any of the other outdoor areas that will be opened as well. 

The firepits and marina washrooms will be opened and we will place the net for volleyball and hang the tether balls. We ask that you take precautions when using these areas and remember the guidelines that have been given by the Health Ministers and Government. 

Some new signage will also be placed in various areas as a reminder of some of the guidelines, such as to restrict large gatherings, use your own precautions while enjoying these outdoor areas and so on. 

We will be developing a Safety Plan moving forward, this is a recommendation that was relayed to us through our property manager on how corporations/strata’s/HOA’s should proceed with reopening facilities that are deemed as non-essential. Once we have this plan completed we will be contacting the local Health Minister to have it reviewed to see if they feel it is adequate. They will have the final word on whether the plan is adequate and how we move forward from there. 

We ask for your continued patience as we make these difficult decisions navigating through something that has not been done before. We are trying to make decisions based on the safety of everyone in the community as well as our staff. Please remember that not everyone is at the same comfort level and that needs to be respected as well, be kind and stay safe. 

Board of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowners Corporation 

Further Closures & Reminders

April 13, 2020



 With the warm weather now arriving and people looking at outdoor activities, the SHC Board has made a decision to make some further closures. 

The Fire Pits on the beach will be closed until further notice. Open fires have been banned in the area and though the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen has not yet officially banned campfires, the Regional District of Central Okanagan has. We feel that it is in the best interest of everyone if the fire pits are closed to help with the air quality during this respiratory illness and to discourage people from gathering in groups on the beach in the evenings with the warm weather. 

The designated Fishing Area on the marina will also be closed until further notice as the SHC is unable to ensure the recommended social distancing nor perpetual sanitation of the area. We also feel it is a high risk area similar to the playgrounds. 

The marina will remain open at this time and we would like to remind everyone to bring their own precautions for sanitizing the keypad and handles as we can not ensure it is germ and/or virus free. Therefore, it is a use at your own risk area. These are the same precautions everyone should be taking when using the garbage/recycling, mailboxes and the main gate keypad or any other areas that may have direct contact. 

To the best of our knowledge the main boat launch for Osoyoos Lake is closed at this time and only the side ramp is open, which is a shallow area with a sand bar. If you are considering launching your boat you may want to review this launch area prior to taking your boat out of storage. 

Stay safe and be kind, 

Board of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowners Corporation 


April 6, 2020


SHC Board has had a few emails enquiring what plan we have in place to regulate visitors to the community. We do understand the concerns with short term rentals and also people having family visit at this time. 

While the Board does not have the authority to restrict rentals beyond our existing bylaws, we will continue to implement measures to dissuade any opportunity for social gatherings. We will implement further measures, if and when necessary, and that are permissible by our own bylaws and/or municipal, provincial, or federal law. It is incumbent on all individuals to maintain their own safety by ensuring proper social distancing and hygiene. 

We have requested in previous notices that everyone follow the health authority guidelines, which includes staying home and only going out when necessary. We expect everyone to act accordingly. 

We have closed everything on site except the beach and the marina and we will keep those open as long as people do not gather in groups in these areas. If we feel that people are not keeping social distancing while using these areas we will be forced to close them as well. Please advise your houseguests and tenants accordingly. 

We do have a large number of at risk homeowner’s in our community and so that heightens the concern for many and we all need to understand these fears and concerns that many of the homeowner’s have. Please keep that in mind when you are considering inviting people into the community whether that is family or other guests. 

Stay Safe, 

Board of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation 

Recycling Shed Closure

April 1, 2020


Notice of Closure 

Effective immediately, the recycling shed will be closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus. The Social Committee is asking that you not save your bottles/cans during the closure and take them in on your own. We can start fresh when the shed re-opens. 

Thank you for your understanding at this time. 

Board of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowners Corporation 

Further Closures

 Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation 

Further Closures due to Covid19 

We would like to advise the community that we are following the precautions that are being taken elsewhere in BC and suggested by our property manager and so we will be closing the playgrounds until further notice. We feel this is a necessary step in order to ensure the safety of our community and staff. 

We are also closing the benches, chairs and picnic tables located throughout the property until further notice. As you may have seen or read, this virus has the ability to live on various surfaces for extended periods of time. We feel it is time to take this extra precaution as we can not keep up with the sanitation of these items. If you want to sit outside, please use your own lawn chairs to do so. 

The safety of our community and our staff are of the utmost concern. Many homeowner’s are returning from vacations and are adhering to the 14day self isolation and we appreciate everyone that is adhering to that and request that all travellers follow that mandate. Neighbours are offering to assist getting groceries for those in isolation, which shows what a great community we have. If you need assistance getting supplies call a friend or neighbour, do not go yourself. 

Along with the travelers doing self isolation, we all need to practice social distancing, that can’t be stressed enough. So far, our community seems safe, but let’s not have a false sense of security, please adhere to the warnings and recommendations that Dr. Henry and other officials are giving on a daily basis. 

Stay safe, 

Board Of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation 

Community Centre Closures

March 24, 2020

Stelkia Homeowners’ Corporation

As we navigate through these uncertain times with daily changes to protocols, we would like to assure the community that we are doing what we can to protect our community. As you are aware, we have closed the Stelkia Community Centre, Marina Washrooms and Recycling Shed. This was done to protect the community and also our staff. 

Our Operations Manager has put protocols in place for handling deliveries and keeping staff distanced while they work. We ask at this time that you do not approach the staff directly, for their safety and yours. If you have questions please send them to directors@osoyooscottages.com and we will have them answered. 

The Board Of Directors will hold meetings only via Skype and we expect and urge all committees to do the same. In this day and age virtual meetings are easily done and the safest way to conduct meetings or visit with your friends. Social distancing and isolation is the one thing we all can do to flatten the curve and bring this virus to a halt. 

These are difficult times for our very social community and though you may feel well, socializing even with close friends is not advised. Follow the protocols that Dr. Henry and other officials have stated and avoid non-essential gatherings, which means no visits with neighbours or friends. If you go outside only go with those that live in your household and as Dr. Henry stated, “This is not business as usual”. The longer we don’t follow the protocols the longer they will be in place. 

We will get through this and when it is all over, we will certainly have reason to celebrate. 

Stay safe, 

Board Of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowners Corporation 


COVID-19 Financial Issues

To contact a Board member, please send email to directors@osoyooscottages.com.