AGM – Meeting Postponed to January 16, 2021

At this Annual General Meeting, the Shareholders will be presented with two alternative options of 2020/2021 Operating Budget with 0.0% maintenance fee increase and four (4) resolutions.

There were no Stand for Election Forms received for the Board of Directors positions. The current Board of Directors has agreed to carry forward until such time that a Special General Meeting can be held to elect a new Board of Directors.

Included in this package are the details of the above, an agenda and a restricted proxy form.

Should you be unable to/or choose not to attend the virtual meeting, a restricted proxy form has been included for an alternative representative to attend and vote on your behalf according to your instructions. Consider this your mail in ballot. Please note, the person appointed by you as a Restricted Proxy holder can not change the voting instructions you marked on the proxy. Please be advised that a proxy holder must be a registered shareholder. Also please note, should you decide to attend the virtual meeting after sending in your proxy, it can be revoked prior to the start of the meeting.


Nov 21 2020


10:30 am - 12:30 pm


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