April 9, 2020


 Stelkia Homeowners Corporation 

Further Closures for April 2020 and reminders 

With the warm weather now arriving and people looking at outdoor activities, the SHC Board has made a decision to make some further closures. 

The Fire Pits on the beach will be closed until further notice. Open fires have been banned in the area and though the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen has not yet officially banned campfires, the Regional District of Central Okanagan has. We feel that it is in the best interest of everyone if the fire pits are closed to help with the air quality during this respiratory illness and to discourage people from gathering in groups on the beach in the evenings with the warm weather. 

The designated Fishing Area on the marina will also be closed until further notice as the SHC is unable to ensure the recommended social distancing nor perpetual sanitation of the area. We also feel it is a high risk area similar to the playgrounds. 

The marina will remain open at this time and we would like to remind everyone to bring their own precautions for sanitizing the keypad and handles as we can not ensure it is germ and/or virus free. Therefore, it is a use at your own risk area. These are the same precautions everyone should be taking when using the garbage/recycling, mailboxes and the main gate keypad or any other areas that may have direct contact. 

To the best of our knowledge the main boat launch for Osoyoos Lake is closed at this time and only the side ramp is open, which is a shallow area with a sand bar. If you are considering launching your boat you may want to review this launch area prior to taking your boat out of storage. 

Stay safe and be kind, 

Board of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowners Corporation 

April 6, 2020





The SHC Board has had a few emails enquiring what plan we have in place to regulate visitors to the community. We do understand the concerns with short term rentals and also people having family visit at this time. 

While the Board does not have the authority to restrict rentals beyond our existing bylaws, we will continue to implement measures to dissuade any opportunity for social gatherings. We will implement further measures, if and when necessary, and that are permissible by our own bylaws and/or municipal, provincial, or federal law. It is incumbent on all individuals to maintain their own safety by ensuring proper social distancing and hygiene. 

We have requested in previous notices that everyone follow the health authority guidelines, which includes staying home and only going out when necessary. We expect everyone to act accordingly. 

We have closed everything on site except the beach and the marina and we will keep those open as long as people do not gather in groups in these areas. If we feel that people are not keeping social distancing while using these areas we will be forced to close them as well. Please advise your houseguests and tenants accordingly. 

We do have a large number of at risk homeowner’s in our community and so that heightens the concern for many and we all need to understand these fears and concerns that many of the homeowner’s have. Please keep that in mind when you are considering inviting people into the community whether that is family or other guests. 

Stay Safe, 

Board of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation 

April 1, 2020


 Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation 

As you are aware part of our community is an active construction zone and just as is with all construction zones, there are dangers at all times and we now have the added danger of Covid19. 

The Construction Site Manager has asked us to remind the community to refrain from walking through the construction areas at all times and especially now with the concerns over Covid19. This adds another risk to the workers on site and like all of us they would like to lessen the risk as well. 

At anytime, it is a dangerous practice to wander through these sites and there is no reason for anyone other than construction staff to be in these areas. Curiosity is not a reason to be there. The only homeowners that should be entering these areas are those that are purchasing the lot under construction and they are there with staff to inspect something. Everyone else please refrain from entering, both for your safety and for the safety of the construction staff. 

Thank you for your co-operation with this matter. 

Stay Safe, 

Board of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation

March 24, 2020

Marina Open

 With the weather warming, people are starting to think about boating. The Marina is open and though we do sanitize the gate handle and keypad we can not guarantee it is germ or virus free and therefore please use at your own risk. 

We will not block the gate open as the gate is there for both safety and security reasons and we can not risk having a child gain free access to the marina in order to avoid the use of the gate. It seems too great a risk to take for the convenience. We therefore suggest that anyone that wants access to the marina use disposable gloves and/or their own sanitizing wipes or cleaners when using the gate and keypad in order to prevent any possible transmission. 

We ask that everyone please still observe the social distancing and not go out on the marina or on boats in large groups and/or with people other than with those that live in your household. Should we feel that people are not adhering to the social distancing and that there is a threat to the community and/or the authorities change the protocols we would then close the marina. We hope we do not have to reach the point of having to make that decision. 

Stay Safe, 

Board of Directors, 

Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation 

March 24, 2020

Sewer System

 Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation 

Our Sewer System – Reminder 

As most of you are aware, we are not on a city sewer system, we operate our own wastewater treatment plant. We would like to remind everyone that the only thing that should be flushed down your toilet is human waste and toilet paper. Nothing else! We understand there is a concern right now with germs and possible transmission of Covid19, however, please refrain from flushing, paper towels, wipes of any kind, rags, food scraps, hair, floss, etc., the list goes on. 

By flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper you risk causing a blockage in the sewer lines in your own home and could potentially cause a flood of raw sewage into your home. Certainly not what any of us want to deal with right now or at anytime for that matter. 

There has been a 50% wastewater flow increase over the past 2 weeks, part of that may be due to returning homeowners that have been traveling but a large percentage is due to people flushing other items. The solids that are being screened out of the wastewater treatment plant are high. 

Please immediately refrain from flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper. 

If you have any questions on this or other matters please contact directors@osoyooscottages.com 

Board Of Directors 

Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation