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April 26, 2020

New Property Manager Appointment to Pacific Quorum
Dear Owner(s):
RE: Introduction of New Property Manager for Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation
Pacific Quorum (Okanagan) Management feels the need to make a change in order to better serve Stelkia Homeowner’s Corporation’s growing and diverse community.
Therefore, effective April 30, 2020, Svitlana Kharsika will be assigned as your new Property Manager. She will work alongside Jenn Piekarczyk, Regional Manager, to assist with the day to day operations and be fully engaged with the Board and/or owners.
Svitlana (Lana) has achieved a master’s degree in business, with specialization in Economics. Lana is a highly motivated individual and her extensive knowledge in financial reporting will be an added value for your property.
We look forward to working with your board and meeting owners in the near future.
Yours truly,
Jenn Piekarczyk
Regional Manager – Okanagan

PQ Contact Information

Jenn Piekarczyk – jpiekarczyk@pacificquorum.com
Svitlana Kharsika – lanak@pacificquorum.com or Direct Line: (778) 760-1203

Janet Norris is now the Administrative Assistant.  

The Property Manager remains unchanged.

To contact a Board member, please send email to directors@osoyooscottages.com.