Rental Information

Welcome to the Cottages on Osoyoos Lake!

We welcome you to this wonderful community of full- and part-time residents.  The Cottages are appealing because of the care all of the residents take to maintain this beautiful, peaceful environment.  We are pleased you have chosen our piece of paradise in the Okanagan for your vacation.

Please take the time to review the bylaws, in particular those summarized below which directly concern you stay.

Guest Parking

Whether you're an Owner, Visitor or Guest; you need to know when and where you can park your vehicle. This guide is a good start.

Please contact your landlord to get your designated spot before you arrive!

Rules & Regulations

We have a comprehensive set of Rules & Regulations for The Cottages. Their purpose is to ensure the safety, security and mutual respect for both our Owners and Guests.

We appreciate your attention and compliance, Thank you!

Cottage Amenities

There are a number of great facilities here at The Cottages for you to use and enjoy.

Check to see if the facility you'd like to use is OPEN and available.

Please contact your Property Manager if you have any questions or need assistance with your rental property.

Enjoy Your Stay!

We value and appreciate your assistance in making The Cottages a welcoming and safe space for ALL!